3D Printed Medieval Knight Figurine Made With Resin


MatterThings 3D Printing was  approached by 3D designer Alexander Gonzalez Rodriguez to turn his design into a reality.

Alexander is a 3D designer who specializes in making 3D models of characters.

Alexander wanted to turn one of his models into a figurine, namely the Boxing Knight, and so he reached out to MatterThings 3D Printing to turn this model into a real life figurine. With his experience and knowledge of 3D design platforms, such as CAD programs (computer aided design/drafting) and texture creation (the colours and appearance of a surface of an object), Alexander already had a model for MatterThings to use. The next step, was to 3D print the figurine, and bring it to life.


3D Design for Rein Character Boxing Knight

3D Design model used to print the Boxing Knight figurine.



3D Printed Boxing Knight Resin Figurine Render 

Boxing Knight, by Alexander Gonzalez Rodriguez


Making The Figurine

Rather than using conventional filament, the figurine was made using a resin. This is because the 3D printer used was the FormLabs 3D printer. This printer uses resin rather than filament. Why? Because of how FormLabs 3D printers work.


Formlabs 3D Printer

A model of FormLabs 3D printer.


It is generally agreed that two main types of 3D printing exist: Fused deposition (FDM), and stereolithography. FDM is what your typical 3D printer operating with filaments use. This process involves heating a material to a melting point, which can be used to make shapes and then cool and solidify. This is what MakerBots use. The other, is stereolithography. This process involves using a laser to heat a liquid resin into a specific shape. This is what liquid resin 3D printers, like the FormLabs use. Stereolithography allows for more detailed prints, with a better overall finish and resolution. This means the figurine came out looking very sharp and detailed. Here, have a look at the final model!


3D Printed Resin Boxing Knight


3D Printed Resin Boxing Knight Back View


Alexander has made countless other beautiful 3D models. If this article interest you, check out more of Alexander's work on his online portfolio and website, and contact us at MatterThings to have your design printed!


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