3D Printed San Fernando Cathedral


XYZ Technologie Culturelle approached MatterThings 3D Printing with a monumental project - to create a detailed model of San Antonio, Texas' San Fernando Cathedral.


XYZ Technologie Culturelle is a company specializing in custom audiovisual integration for varied clients such as museums, interpretive courses, theaters and private institutions. It has 50 employees in four offices in Montreal, Quebec, Dubai and Merida.

Directed by video artist Xavier de Richemont, the wonderful work of art titled "The Saga" is a mega video projection on a model of the San Fernando Cathedral in San Antonio, Texas. As part of this project, XYZ specialists installed and programmed a fully automated outdoor projection and sound diffusion system.

In order to be able to present this work at trade shows and exhibitions, the XYZ team needed a model that perfectly reproduced the architectural details of the Cathedral. To this end, they reached out to us at MatterThings 3D Printing to rise to the challenge.

Here is a look at the model, with the video projection active. 

XYZ Technologie Culturelle 3D Printed San Fernando Cathedral  


The 3D Printing Process

This project was a monumental task, taking eight 3D printers to complete. Our in-house 3D designer had to separate the .STL file (a digital 3D model used for 3D printing) into 17 smaller portions in order for the parts to fit the build size of the 3D printers which we used. Overall, this took a 119 hours of printing, each part averaging 7 hours, and 36 of assembly to complete, using PLA as a material.

When all the parts were printed, we welded the pieces together to make a stable and solid single model of the San Fernando Cathedral. We added fins to each of the 17 sections so they would interlock with each other, and we added supports and a base, so that the model could stand on its own.


XYZ Technologie Culturelle 3D Model of San Fernando Cathedral

Above: one of the 17 parts of the cathedral.


San Fernando Cathedral Being Built

Above: The cathedral 3D printed parts assembled into the final product.


The Final Product

The final product is a large, detailed model of the San Fernando, which XYZ Technologie Culturelle's team can use to bring to trade shows, to show off what Xavier de Richmont's "The Saga" will look like on the actual San Fernando Cathedral, down in Texas. From what we see, it looks truly amazing.


XYZ Technologie Culturelle 3D Printed San Fernando Cathedral

Have a project you need help with? 3D printing may be just what you need! Come check us out. All our contact information is just below. 

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