3D Selfie Gift Cards at Chêne-Bleu's Gala des Intrépides


MatterThings took part in the Gala Des Intrépides of L'École Secondaire du Chêne-Bleu, where we provided gift cards for 3D Selfies. 

The Event

Every year, Chêne-Bleu holds Gala soirées honouring and rewarding the student athletes who take part in the various sports activities that the high school offers, such as various teams for various sports, who take part in cross-school competitions. This year, the event is honouring the school's 66 athletes, who receive various prizes for their participation in the school's sports culture, and for representing their school in many sporting events. Throughout the soirée, the students are given awards, prizes and accolades. Overall, there was an estimated 400 students, parents and school faculty in attendance.

Gala Des Intrépides MatterThings Logo 

 MatterThings' logo in the sponsorship slide of the Gala presentation.


3D Selfies

A staff member of Chêne-Bleu reached out to us, for contribution to this wonderful event. After some discussion, we came upon the idea of gift cards which can be redeemed for 3D selfies. Essentially, a 3D selfie is the term we use for a service where we do a 360 degree scan of a person's head, which we then 3D print, resulting in a statue / bust of the person we scanned. Free of charge, we provided gift cards for this service to the student athletes, who we felt merited this reward for their contribution to their school's wonderful extra-curricular activities.

3D Selfie 3D Printed by MatterThings

Overall, we are proud to have participated in this Gala, which honours the young athletes of the next generation.


Could your event benefit from our 3D printing services? We sure think so! Feel free to contact us, all our contact details are below.


MatterThings Inc. - 3D Printing


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