3D Selfie Gift Cards at Chêne-Bleu's Gala des Intrépides 0

MatterThings took part in the Gala Des Intrépides of L'École Secondaire du Chêne-Bleu, where we provided gift cards for 3D Selfies. 

The Event

Every year, Chêne-Bleu holds Gala soirées honouring and rewarding the student athletes who take part in the various sports activities that the high school offers, such as various teams for various sports, who take part in cross-school competitions. This year, the event is honouring the school's 66 athletes, who receive various prizes for their participation in the school's sports culture, and for representing their school in many sporting events. Throughout the soirée, the students are given awards, prizes and accolades. Overall, there was an estimated 400 students, parents and school faculty in attendance.

Gala Des Intrépides MatterThings Logo 

 MatterThings' logo in the sponsorship slide of the Gala presentation.


3D Selfies

A staff member of Chêne-Bleu reached out to us, for contribution to this wonderful event. After some discussion, we came upon the idea of gift cards which can be redeemed for 3D selfies. Essentially, a 3D selfie is the term we use for a service where we do a 360 degree scan of a person's head, which we then 3D print, resulting in a statue / bust of the person we scanned. Free of charge, we provided gift cards for this service to the student athletes, who we felt merited this reward for their contribution to their school's wonderful extra-curricular activities.

3D Selfie 3D Printed by MatterThings

Overall, we are proud to have participated in this Gala, which honours the young athletes of the next generation.


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3D Printed San Fernando Cathedral 0

XYZ Technologie Culturelle approached MatterThings 3D Printing with a monumental project - to create a detailed model of San Antonio, Texas' San Fernando Cathedral.


XYZ Technologie Culturelle is a company specializing in custom audiovisual integration for varied clients such as museums, interpretive courses, theaters and private institutions. It has 50 employees in four offices in Montreal, Quebec, Dubai and Merida.

Directed by video artist Xavier de Richemont, the wonderful work of art titled "The Saga" is a mega video projection on a model of the San Fernando Cathedral in San Antonio, Texas. As part of this project, XYZ specialists installed and programmed a fully automated outdoor projection and sound diffusion system.

In order to be able to present this work at trade shows and exhibitions, the XYZ team needed a model that perfectly reproduced the architectural details of the Cathedral. To this end, they reached out to us at MatterThings 3D Printing to rise to the challenge.

Here is a look at the model, with the video projection active. 

XYZ Technologie Culturelle 3D Printed San Fernando Cathedral  


The 3D Printing Process

This project was a monumental task, taking eight 3D printers to complete. Our in-house 3D designer had to separate the .STL file (a digital 3D model used for 3D printing) into 17 smaller portions in order for the parts to fit the build size of the 3D printers which we used. Overall, this took a 119 hours of printing, each part averaging 7 hours, and 36 of assembly to complete, using PLA as a material.

When all the parts were printed, we welded the pieces together to make a stable and solid single model of the San Fernando Cathedral. We added fins to each of the 17 sections so they would interlock with each other, and we added supports and a base, so that the model could stand on its own.


XYZ Technologie Culturelle 3D Model of San Fernando Cathedral

Above: one of the 17 parts of the cathedral.


San Fernando Cathedral Being Built

Above: The cathedral 3D printed parts assembled into the final product.


The Final Product

The final product is a large, detailed model of the San Fernando, which XYZ Technologie Culturelle's team can use to bring to trade shows, to show off what Xavier de Richmont's "The Saga" will look like on the actual San Fernando Cathedral, down in Texas. From what we see, it looks truly amazing.


XYZ Technologie Culturelle 3D Printed San Fernando Cathedral

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3D Printed Medieval Knight Figurine Made With Resin 0

MatterThings 3D Printing was  approached by 3D designer Alexander Gonzalez Rodriguez to turn his design into a reality.

Alexander is a 3D designer who specializes in making 3D models of characters.

Alexander wanted to turn one of his models into a figurine, namely the Boxing Knight, and so he reached out to MatterThings 3D Printing to turn this model into a real life figurine. With his experience and knowledge of 3D design platforms, such as CAD programs (computer aided design/drafting) and texture creation (the colours and appearance of a surface of an object), Alexander already had a model for MatterThings to use. The next step, was to 3D print the figurine, and bring it to life.


3D Design for Rein Character Boxing Knight

3D Design model used to print the Boxing Knight figurine.



3D Printed Boxing Knight Resin Figurine Render 

Boxing Knight, by Alexander Gonzalez Rodriguez


Making The Figurine

Rather than using conventional filament, the figurine was made using a resin. This is because the 3D printer used was the FormLabs 3D printer. This printer uses resin rather than filament. Why? Because of how FormLabs 3D printers work.


Formlabs 3D Printer

A model of FormLabs 3D printer.


It is generally agreed that two main types of 3D printing exist: Fused deposition (FDM), and stereolithography. FDM is what your typical 3D printer operating with filaments use. This process involves heating a material to a melting point, which can be used to make shapes and then cool and solidify. This is what MakerBots use. The other, is stereolithography. This process involves using a laser to heat a liquid resin into a specific shape. This is what liquid resin 3D printers, like the FormLabs use. Stereolithography allows for more detailed prints, with a better overall finish and resolution. This means the figurine came out looking very sharp and detailed. Here, have a look at the final model!


3D Printed Resin Boxing Knight


3D Printed Resin Boxing Knight Back View


Alexander has made countless other beautiful 3D models. If this article interest you, check out more of Alexander's work on his online portfolio and website, and contact us at MatterThings to have your design printed!


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MatterThings Opens A Second 3D Printing Branch in the Heart of Downtown Montreal (Mont-Royal area)! 0

MatterThings Inc. - 3D Printing opened a second branch location in the heart of downtown Montreal (Mont-Royal area)!

Our second branch is located at 1124, Rue Marie-Anne Est, Office #22, in Montreal, Quebec H2J 2B7, Canada.  Find us on Google Maps.

Here we will be able to serve customers closer to the downtown Montreal area, in an exciting, growing environment. This is the second branch under the MatterThings Inc. name, the first ever 3D print shop in Canada that opened in a shopping mall to offer 3D printing, 3D design and 3D scanning services back in 2014.

Opened just recently, on the 4th of April of this year, come visit us from Monday to Friday, 10 a.m. - 5 p.m. to meet with our professional 3D designer to discuss your project and have it 3D printed.  Or write: or call: 514-312-6060.

Here is a preview of what our office looks like:

MatterThings New Downtown Location

Here is the building's exterior, situated on Rue Marie Est - in the Plateau-Mont-Royal neighbourhood of Montreal.

MatterThings New Downtown Location

Here is the office where all the business and design work of 3D Printing is done.

MatterThings New Downtown Location

Check out this awesomely irregular hallway! This shows off the modernist architecture in our new branch location.

MatterThings New Downtown Location

This is the reception guest, where your 3D printing dreams come true!

If you are wondering how to get there, check us out on Google Maps to see exactly where we are and how to get there. Our new location is situated near the Mount Royal metro station, and not far from Parc Lafontaine.

 We are situated right near the Mount Royal Metro for your convenience!

Mount Royal Metro

We look forward to meeting you at our new location! 


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3D Printed Model of Donald J. Trump Made into a Collectible Toy that you can Squeeze 0

Love him or hate him, now you can squeeze him - Donald J. Trump that is!  Breygent Marketing Inc. a market-leading manufacturer of premium collector cards and collectibles in North America had an idea to create a mega-head collectible toy of Donald J. Trump that you can squeeze.  MatterThings - 3D Printing helped bring their idea to life in a series of steps that included the 3D design, 3D print and painting of their prototype.

Donald J. Trump Bubble Head Squeezeez Toy 3D Printed

How was it done?

Step 1 - From Idea to 3D Design

First, our designer Alex took the idea and designed it in 3D.

3D Design of Donald J. Trump

3D Design of Donald J. Trump

Step 2 - From 3D Design to 3D Print

The 3D design was then exported into .STL format, so that it could be 3D printed on our FormLabs SLA 3D printer.  This type of 3D printer uses stereolithography technology in which Donald J. Trump was built layer by layer, from a liquid resin that hardens on contact with a laser light. This 3D printer is fantastic for building objects that require a high level of precision. It can 3D print up to 25 microns.  

Unpainted 3D Printed Trump Squeezeez

A micron is a unit of measure in the metric system equal to 1 millionth of a meter in length (about 39 millionths of an inch). To give you an idea, the average cross-section of a human hair is 50 microns, therefore, this machine can build each layer with half a human hair of precision. 

Step 3 - From 3D Print to Painting

Our paint artist, Konrad then painted the 3D printed model of Donald J. Trump to confirm the colour scheme. This prototype was now ready to be sent to make a mould so that many toys could be manufactured.


3D Printed Model of Donal J. Trump Painted. FormLabs SLA 3D Printer in Resin

Step 4 - Production - Injection Moulding 

Injection moulding was then used to produce many of these mega-head collectible toys which is a manufacturing process by injecting material into a mould. In this case a new thermoplastic rubber and then filled with filtered water.

Injection Moulding -By User:Brockey, CC BY 3.0,

Image By User:Brockey, CC BY 3.0

Step 5 - Packaging

Once the toys were ready they were sent for packaging in what you see as the final product in these images below (3” x 2”) - the Donald J. Trump Squeezeezs.  A fun squeezable collectible toy to relieve stress and a perfect way to commemorate the historic 2016 U.S. presidential election.

3D Model of Donald J. Trump into Collectible Squeeze Toy

Where can I get one?

We still have a few left in our 3D print shop, otherwise you can buy them directly online from the manufacturer

About Breygent Marketing

Breygent Marketing Inc. is a market-leading manufacturer of premium collector cards and collectibles in North America. Their licenses include some of television's most highly rated series including American Horror Story ®, Bates Motel®, Grimm®, The Tudors®, Dexter® and Ghost Whisperer®. They also feature beloved entertainment icons, including Marilyn Monroe, John Wayne®, The Three Stooges® and The Wizard of Oz®.

Their latest exciting series include Squeezeez: Mega-Head Collectible toys, featuring Donald J. Trump and coming soon - Kiss!

3D Printed Donald J. Trump - Kiss Bubble Heads 

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3D Printed Mars Rover Parts for the McGill University Robotics Team, Winning 3rd Place at the European Rover Challenge! 0

MatterThings - 3D Printing recently sponsored the McGill Robotics team by 3D printing certain components of their Mars Rover - Bhumi to compete in the European Rover Challenge 2016 in Poland.   They placed 3rd among 22 teams from all over the world!

Some Components of the Mars Rover were 3D Printed for the McGill Robotics Team. They Won 3rd Place at the European Rover Challenge!

What is the European Rover Challenge?

The European Rover Challenge (ERC) is a prestigious contest for Student Teams. A Student Team has to design and build a Martian rover prototype and use that robot to compete in various Tasks at a designated location. The aim of the Challenge is to give the participants a chance to expand their knowledge of Martian exploration, provide valuable professional experience in different fields of engineering, project and team management, project documentation and presentation while also popularize STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) especially space exploration and robotics among the wider public, including the Challenge audience.

Some Components of the Mars Rover were 3D Printed for the McGill Robotics Team. They Won 3rd Place at the European Rover Challenge! 

Competition Rules

General Requirements

The rover has to be a stand-alone, mobile platform. No cables or tethers are allowed for connection to external sources during its operation.  Teams must design and build their own rover.

Some Components of the Mars Rover were 3D Printed for the McGill Robotics Team. They Won 3rd Place at the European Rover Challenge!

Rover Weight

The weight limit for the rover during a Task is 50 kilograms. The limit applies to every Task (i.e. task-relevant rover configuration) separately. Equipment used for rover maintenance and preparation, unused spare parts, and elements not mounted during a particular Task are not included in this limit.

There is no weight limit on equipment used to steer and control the rover from the rover control area, communications equipment in that area or maintenance equipment.

If the rover will be lighter than maximum limit for every kilogram below limit a 0.5 point will be added to the score for each Task separately (but no more than 10 points). If a limit is exceeded, 1 point will be subtracted for every kilogram (but no more than 20 points). 

Rover speed

The rover maximum speed should be not higher than 3 km/h.

Read all the European Rover Challenge 2016 rules here.

Sponsors - Some Components of the Mars Rover were 3D Printed for the McGill Robotics Team. They Won 3rd Place at the European Rover Challenge!

"We couldn't have done this without your support and guidance MatterThings!" - Shruthilaya

Sponsors - Some Components of the Mars Rover were 3D Printed for the McGill Robotics Team. They Won 3rd Place at the European Rover Challenge!


Sponsors - Some Components of the Mars Rover were 3D Printed for the McGill Robotics Team. They Won 3rd Place at the European Rover Challenge!


Sponsors - Some Components of the Mars Rover were 3D Printed for the McGill Robotics Team. They Won 3rd Place at the European Rover Challenge!

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